About me

I’m a 28 years old 3D Artist, and I’m working in the CG industry since 2007.
I’m currently working for MBA Productions Studio in the United State (Irvine, California), with projects ranging from big events and Theme Parks shows, all around the world.

I’m always looking for interesting collaborations, even abroad.


- Autodesk Maya

- Cinema 4D

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe After Effects

- Adobe Illustrator

- Flash

Personal skills

- 3D Character and Environment modeling

- Lowpoly and HighPoly

- UV unwrapping

- Texturing

- Rendering

- Compositing

Education and Work Experience

- English course at Oxford ISIS Institute, Upper-intermediate level - July 2002

- High School Graduation in Rome, with a final valuation of 100/100 - June 2003

  1. -Certificate of attendance to the Quasar Institute of Rome: “Hypergraphics” course (3D modeling, animation and Production), final valuation of 9,5/10 - 1-year course, September 2005 to September 2006

  2. -Bachelor Degree: Graphics and Multimedia Design (Grafica e Progettazione Multimediale), Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome. Thesis defense: “The dreams’ factory: the art of animation from pencil to the mouse”. Grade: 110 with honour/110 (First Class Honor - British Degree Classification) - February 2007

- Collaboration with SEAGULL Srl - 3D modeling, animation, post production (2007)

  1. -Collaboration with CLONWERK Studio - 3D modeling, animation, post production


  1. -Collaboration with ZeroOneAnimation Studio (Melbourne, Australia) - 3D modeling,

  2D illustration, matte painting (summer 2011)

  1. -Collaboration with MBA Productions - 3D modeling, animation, post production,

  motion graphics, projection mapping, 3D stereoscopic graphics (2013-2014)


Federica Sismondo